Vertikator "Alpin"

The new designed Hatzenbichler grassland harrow "Alpin"

  • short and compact design
  • lower weight
  • lower horsepower requirements

The basis for successful milk production, the best possible Receipt of basic feed by intensive grassland maintenance with simultaneous seeding .

The advantages of VERTIKATOR " Alpin" lie in its short compact size , lighter weight and thus lower horsepower requirements. Because of the short design is a good maneuverability at work, both in flat terrain and on steep slopes .

The leveling plates are single mounted on the guide rail . Pave the robust construction of the sprung leveling plates optimal molehills , dung , manure and cow dung one . The setting of the leveling plates via spindle adjustment .

On the 3 harrow tine rows share the special Hatzenbichler grassland tines with vibration effect and a tine diameter of 12mm or 10mm on, which an optimal cleaning up the turf weeds, especially the common Wiesenriespe and ventilation grassland offer .

For a perfect reconsolidation and pressing the yielded seeds to make it equal to the optimal ground circuit receives , as the "Heavy VERTIKATOR " cambridge roller offered .

To the precious seed should bring there where it is needed, "Air 8" offered the pneumatic seeder . By precisely adjusting the application rate and the opitmale division of baffles , the seed is placed there where it will need.
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Hatzenbichler grassland harrow "Alpin"

Compact and light


Hatzenbichler Vertikator "Alpin" in use

Technical details

Grassland harrow "Alpin"

  • Working width: 3,00m
  • Weight: 1.350 kg
  • HP: 80
  • Seeding machine: Air 8
  • Type of roller: Cambridge Roll
  • Transport width: 3,00m
  • Transport depth: 1,60m