Hatzenbichler multisower

  • Robust and stable main frame
  • Seedbed preparation, fertilising and levelling

Field of application

Hatzenbichler "Terminator" Multisower has the possibility to apply different type of tools allows to work equally well in ploughed soil as to make a direct seeding into the stubble.

The Terminator has 2 separated metering systems: for fertiliser and for crop seed. Fertiliser is coming out of distributor plates mounted in the front of tool sections. The crop sowing is made through the seeding discs placed behind seedbed preparation tools. If fertiliser placement is not required the whole hopper can be used for crop seed.

The Terminator can be easily transformed from seed combination to be used only as field cultivator or seedbed cultivator.

Versatility & Equipment

Working widths are 9,00m, 12,00m and 18,00m, pull type machines.

The main frame is robust and stable. The sections with working tools can be changed very easily. Working width of one section is 3,00 m, for optimal ground adaption.

Sections with working tools maintain an accurate seeding depth during the work on the field and ensure perfect seed placement even through the hills because of the system of seeding double disks which are mounted on independent parallelograms.

Regulation of depth level is made with a nut. The Terminator seeding cultivator follows exactly tractor and provides frame level control across the entire machine in changing ground conditions because of its two wheels in front and two wheels behind (a tandem guide).

It allows to increase working speed until 15 km/h.

Being so universal Terminator seeding cultivator offers a wide range of possible duties to perform on the soil and produces excellent seeding results in all conditions.


We develop and build our products with the daily experiences of our customers in St. Andrä in Lavanttal Austria - the best engineering and highest manufacturing quality meet perfect spare parts supply. Our machines are for professionals - day after day!

Stabile Bauweise

stable construction

and highest manufacturing quality

einzigartige Lebensdauer

unique lifespan

and the best spare parts supply for long-term use

Made in Austria

Made in Austria

by our experienced and long-term employees

Hatzenbichler Terminator

Seedbed preparation, fertilising and levelling


Hatzenbichler Terminator in use

Technical details

Hatzenbichler Terminator

  • Pull type version with steel tubular main frame
  • working width: 9,00m; 12,00m.;18,00m.
  • 3 pc., 4 pc.,6 pc tools sections with spring tines or 2 rows discs or 2 rows wing Shares.
  • Equipped with 3 pc., 4 pc., 6 pc. Farmfl ex roller d=390mm.,including system of parallelograms and hydraulic linkage System.
  • Equipped with 60pc., 80 pc., 120 pc. seeding double disks mounted on Independent parallelograms, including air hose.