Pneumatic seeding machines

Air 8 / Air 16 / Air 24

  • Pneumatic seeding machine for discharging of all commercial seed types in broadcast sowing
  • Can be mounted on almost machines

Field of application

Hatzenbichler Pneumatic seeding machine for discharging of all commercial seed types in broadcast sowing.

There are robust construction, easy installation and easy handling. Can be mounted on almost machines.

  • "Air 8" with up to 7,50 m working width
  • "Air 16" with up to 12 m working width
  • "Air 24" with up to 18 m working width

The seed is a replaceable dosing in the 8, 16 or 24 outlets. By the "Air 8" there are two electrical fans, to get the exact seed rate over the entire working width. By "Air 16", "Air 24" and also "Air 8" there are the possibilty to blow with hydraulic fan or PTO fan. Blown through hoses and distributed through specially shaped baffles. For each port is a separate metering - single dose.


The new made plastic boxes have a volume:

  • "Air 8" with 180 liters enlarge to 400 liters
  • "Air 16" with 400 liters enlarge to 600 liters
  • "Air 24" with 800 liters


Driving the seeding machine over metering wheel with flexible shaft and continously varaible transmission, sensor metering wheel or radar.

Onboard computer controls, seed rate (kg/ha), working speed (km/h), level indicator, work time, area counter, actual seed rate, storage of 10 different programs and various working widths.

Montoring computer is standard at "Air 8", controls level and if fan and drive are working.

Distribution of seed

The agitator mix the seeds and prevents bridge formation the seedbox. If it's not necessary to mix the seed agitator can easily turn off.

Strong construction and maintenence-free tooth belt, no breakage.

Standard euqipment on each pneumatic seeding machines are two different types of seed roller, one rough for bigger seeds and one fine for smaller seeds. Easy to change the seed roller without tools. For very special seed types and individual seed roller can be offered.

Application rate of the pneumatic seeding machines:

  • "Air 8" approx. 40kg on ha, grass mixture
  • "Air 16" approx. 80kg on ha, grass mixture
  • "Air 24" approx. 80kg on ha, grass mixture


We develop and build our products with the daily experiences of our customers in St. Andrä in Lavanttal Austria - the best engineering and highest manufacturing quality meet perfect spare parts supply. Our machines are for professionals - day after day!

Stabile Bauweise

stable construction

and highest manufacturing quality

einzigartige Lebensdauer

unique lifespan

and the best spare parts supply for long-term use

Made in Austria

Made in Austria

by our experienced and long-term employees

Pneumatic seeding machines

For discharging of all commercial seed types in broadcast sowing


Hatzenbichler Pneumatic seeding machine

Technical details

Hatzenbichler pneumatic seeding machines

Standard equipment "Air 8"

  • 8 outlets
  • plastic box with 180 liter volume
  • montoring computer
  • holder for the motor-shaft
  • metering wheel with flexible shaft
  • hose
  • 8 pcs. baffels
  • 2 different seed rollers
  • agitator

Standard equipment "Air 16"

  • 16 outlets
  • plastic box with 400 liter volume
  • hydraulic fan
  • onboard computer
  • hose
  • agitator
  • 2 different seed rollers
  • 16 pieces baffles
  • sensor metering wheel