Duplex-Interrow cultivator

Full weed control

  • Weed control
  • Row distance of 45cm to 70cm

The Hatzenbichler Duplex-Interrow cultivator is used for full-area mechnical weed control in row crops from 45cm to 70cm

These tools break up encrusted soil and create optimal growth conditions for the cultivated plant through faster soil warming and stimulation of root growth.

The new duplex parallelogram with hydraulic row lifting with the new tine head allow full cultivation of the row crop.

The working depth of the duplex parallelogram is steplessly adjusted by means of a spindle adjustment using two ball-bearing farmflex wheels on each parallelogram.

The new tool carrier is equipped with cutting disks, L-knives and high adjustable vibration spring tines, all of these are precisely adjustable in height and width.

The cutting discs with a diameter of 480mm loosen or cut the soil in advance.

The L-knives with a length of 265,1mm are guided as close as possible to the row of plants in order to optimally work out weeds.

The high adjustable vibration spring tines with duck foot shares and hollow pin with a width of 150mm, 200mm, 250mm or 300mm, depending on the distance between the rows of crops.

These tools allow you to work deeper in the row so as not to damage the roots of the crop.

The high adustalbe vibrtation spring tines are very wear-resistant and, thanks to the constant vibration, work extremely blockage-free, even with crop residues.

The duck foot shares with hollow pin are aligned parallel so that they cut through the soil with their special cut and thus cut off the weeds at the roots.

In order to complete the full-area weed control, finger weeder with hydraulic lifting are installed as an option.

The parallelogram are individually atteached to the main frame tube, whereby a stepless and precise setting of the row width by loosening only one screw is possible.

For precise control of the interrow cultivator flanged or rubber wheels will offered.

The camera steering assistant ensures that the interrow cultivator is guided precisely.



Tines and shares

High adjustable vibration spring tine
Cutting disk with holder
L-knife with holder
Duck foot share with hollow pin
Duck foot share with hollow pin
Duck foot share with hollow pin
Duck foot share with hollow pin

Quick change system

The quick-change system for duck foot shares with hollow pin.

As an option, a compressed air tool including a storage case for replacing the duck foot shares with hollow pin is offered.

This extension offers enormous relief when changing shares. All you need is a compressor or the compressed air line on the tractor.

Hard metal share 150mm
Hard metal share 200mm
Hard metal share 250mm


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Made in Austria

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Duplex-Interrow cultivator

Exact, full-area weed control



Technical details

Duplex-Interrow cultivator

Standard equipment:

  • 3-Point hitch
  • profile tube-main frame bar
  • stabilizer with rubber wheel of flanged wheel
  • tool carrier"Duplex" with
    2 pcs. cutting discs
    2 pcs. L-knives
  • Duplex-parallelogram with two ball bearing framflex wheels for depth control on
    each "chop body" with smooth spindle adjustment

Additional equipment:

rows main frame weight approx. kg HP
6 rigid 640 40
6 hydraulic foldable 770 60
8 hydraulic foldable 990 75
12 hydraulic foldable 1.400 110
16 hydraulic foldable 2.100 110
24 hydraulic foldable 2.950 150