HatzenbichlerDrill technology

From small surfaces through to large areas with the Hatzenbichler Terminator drill technology with up to 18 m working width

HatzenbichlerOriginal harrow Air-Flow

The brightest star in the harrow sky

AdvancedHarrowing technology

Hatzenbichler Harrows are in use worldwide and prove successful through technical perfection and highest quality


Considered solutions with all-around usage

AdvancedInterrow cultivation

Modern technologies (for example camera steering assistant) and accomplished quality

Hatzenbichler Agrotechnik

Big Machine - Big Harvest

Since these devices have, however, found so popular he decided it to produce them in series, and so the company was born Hatzenbichler. Today the company has about 100 employees and is responsible for the (Lavanttal) Carinthia become a major employer.

As in all areas in this industry is the time never stands still and so it is always important to develop new and innovative machines.